Job Description :

Client is looking for linux sys admin at senior and junior position with excellent core linux administration skills, deep knowledge of open source Infrastructure monitoring/administration tools and experience of automating administration tasks using perl or shell scripts or platforms such as puppet and chef.

The System administrator will be part of the team responsible for monitoring and administering the Network Infrastructure on 24×7 basis.  They will monitor all the production servers, applications, services and troubleshoot production and network issues, log the issues and create a knowledge base and escalate the issues on time if required.

The candidates should be willing to work in shifts and should have technical capabilities in resolving  the issues in a fast, efficient and proactive manner.  The candidate should have excellent written and communication skills within and outside the team and the ability to deliver assigned tasks quickly in a high pressure, rapidly changing environment.

The incumbent will be responsible for:

  • Keeping the production services running which requires monitoring/ administering/ troubleshooting of production servers like web servers, database servers, proxy and media streaming servers and related services.
  • Managing and optimize the backup and recovery of databases, applications, and virtual servers in a timely fashion.
  • Proactive maintenance of network infrastructure and service.
  • Implement high availability of virtual and physical servers and services.
  • Early detection of failure and automation of continuity of the services using scripts or tools.
  • Manage all internal and external SLAs.

Required skills:

  • Quick learner who can take ownership of the tasks and lead the tasks to completion with minimal follow-ups.
  • An excellent knowledge of Linux administration in a highly virtualized, scalable environment.
  • Good hands-on ability to write perl, ruby and/or shell scripts to automate monitoring and administration tasks.
  • Past experience in working on virtual server provisioning, preferably using Xen on Linux.
  • Past experience in configuring and writing checks/ plugins for Nagios.

Good to have skills:

  • Experience on any of these tools: puppet, control tier, chef, bcfg2, cfengine.
  • Past experience of NOC environment.
  • Past experience with webservers, media streaming servers, mysql databases.
  • Basic knowledge of the ITIL process framework.
  • Experience running and managing Java applications.