Required Skills: 

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related discipline.
  2. At least 2 years experience of enterprise web development.
  3. Participation in the complete product development lifecycle.
  4. Must be well versed in Action Script 3.0 and Flex libraries.
  5. Must have good knowledge of MVC patterns and MVC frameworks in Flex (Cairngorm, Mate, or PureMVC)
  6. Experience in best-of-breed software development processes: Versioning, unit testing, code reviews, etc.
  7. Must possess proven knowledge of Object Oriented Principles and design patterns.
  8. Ability to solve the technical challenges and apply different algorithms in Flex/Flash.
  9. Must be knowledgeable about current RIA technologies and Flex programming best practices.
  10. Excellent Communication skills  – oral and written
  11. 11.  Excellent team player

Good to have skills

  1. Java ,C# or C++ knowledge
  2. Flash based video solutions
  5. CSS, DHTML, JavaScript