Job Profile

Your work will involve: 

  1. Incident and process manager for any outages. Responsible for updating the customer periodically and updating the Nemo case. Primary point of contact for the site for any incident.
  2. Responsible for driving any outage for sites responsible. Ensure IR is done on time, lessons learnt communicated to the wider team.
  3. Managing infrastructure projects of the offices/schools, involving appropriate resources. Responsible for periodic updates to the customer and IT team.
  4. Building relationships with point of contact of the offices/schools for which the ISM is responsible
  5. Coordinating and managing the setup of IT infrastructure at new offices and schools, as per the guidelines
  6. Ensuring information sharing and regular updates to the IT team on critical as well as regular issues.
  7. Effecting preventive maintenance
    1. Coming up with what needs to be done in a site to make it adhere to EF standards etc based on site health assessments.
    2. Change control manager for site infrastructure devices.
  8. Responsible for ensuring implementation is done, review/audit completed and documentation is updated.
  9. Travel Onsite for
    • Setting up new offices or major office moves or build relationships
  1. Work on Projects assigned by management
  1. Ensure site wiki’s are updated. Ownership of all site implementation and documentation.
  1. Point of escalation from support to the specialist team for site issues.
  2. Ensuring information sharing and regular updates to EF management on critical as well as regular issues. This may include (but not limited to) updating the tasks lists, major fires document, tracking sheet for different projects. This needs to be ensured from the team too.  



Minimum 4 years of experience working in IT Support and Infrastructure Management


  • Strong written communication, presentation and strategic planning skills
  • Should have good customer facing skills
  • Should have experience in infrastructure setup / migration projects
  • Basic knowledge with Client / Server architecture
  • Basic knowledge with Networking and other infrastructure related projects
  • Should have ITIL / communication oriented training
  • Attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot and fix problems in high pressure situation is a key requirement
  • Strong customer empathy and capacity to understand business impact.
  • Proven customer management skills.
  • Strong skills in the areas of verbal and written business communication.
  • Highly organized, detail and process orientated
  • Experience with a globally distributed server and workstation environment with hundreds of servers and thousands of desktops in a 24×7 environment
  • College education and related work experience