Job Description:

Analyzes and evaluates user requirements by coordinating with the user to define the problem, data availability, report requirements and system design problems. Defines systems objectives and prepares system design specifications to meet user requirements and satisfy interface problems. Analyzes alternative means of deriving input data to select the most accurate, feasible and economical method. Defines input and output file specifications including file organization. Defines controls, conversion procedures and system implementation plans including user training and orientation

Desired Profile:

• Investigating and diagnosing critical events monitored and reported in

Monitoring incident queue for assigned tickets and investigate to resolve issues.

• Transport voice and video protocols over the IP Network between locations where it is economically and technically feasible to do so and where there is sufficient Network capacity

• Manage a multi-protocol WAN

• Manage Customer’s Layer 3 address spaces (e.g., IP, IPX), as well as any Layer 2 addressing (e.g. MPLS) used to transport data, voice, and/or video

• Manage Application-specific network addressing schemes

• Configure, install, test, and support WAN Connectivity (both Network Transport and Network Equipment) for approved Authorized Users at and between all

applicable Sites.

• Support the connectivity of high-speed Servers to the Internet with firewall protection as required to comply with Customer’s information security standards

• Manage internet access and transport

• Manage routes and filtering as necessary

• Provide extranet connectivity between Customer and its partners, third party vendors, and customers

• Support and maintain the Extranet between Customer and its partners, third party vendors, and customers

• Support and maintain high-speed circuits in a shared DMZ environment, and provide Connectivity with firewall protection in accordance with Customer’s information security standards

• Manage routes and filtering as necessary to operate the extranet access service

• Identify actual and potential Network bottlenecks

• Use the tools to provide automated alarms and indication of Network Incidents when thresholds are exceeded

• Integrate the tools to automatically generate an Incident within the Incident Management System, when Network thresholds are exceeded

• Optimize and improve the performance and design of the Network using data gathered from performance monitoring and forecasting activities

• Assess and implement alternate methods and procedures to reduce Network errors and Network downtime

• Evaluate wireless controls for business application use

• Manage security systems (for example, authentication servers) associated with wireless LAN Systems

• Adhere to IEEE standards as well as Customer’s technical and security guidelines that are made known to Unisys with regard to wireless LANs

• Escalating to next level engineers and manager as required

• Liaising with peer support teams for quick resolution

• Follow Incident Management process as defined and notify parties as required

• Take ownership for all assigned change requests and service requests. Prepare solution documents while adhering to the defined network and security policies and standards for approval and executing solutions after approval

• Preparing metrics report as required

• Creating and maintaining applicable documentation (Knowledge Base articles, process documentation, quality deliverables, etc)

• Support service improvement initiatives that pertain to Network infrastructure support.

• Communicate issues, solutions, process updates that may impact the team. Document support process documents as required

• Demonstrate a high degree of creativity in performing tasks by identifying, proposing and implementing streamlining activities to reshape processes.