Job title: Senior Developer Core Java/Multithreading/Spring/Hibernate
Type: Perm.
Location: Bangalore
Senior Developer Core Java/Multithreading /Spring/Hibernate
Core Java Multithreading Spring Hibernate

•J2EE-Application Servers
•Java -Spring Framework
•Java -ORM
•Core Java
•SQL Development Languages
•Java -Swing Applet
•Java -Messaging Implementation
•Java Web Services
•Planning/Execution &Tracking
•Scoping and Estimating
•Data Modeling
•High Availability and Failover Applications
•High Throughput / Transaction Application
•Logical Architecture Design
•Package / Vendor Selection
•Performance / Capacity Planning
•TRM Business Expertise
•Demonstrates proficiency in one of the J2EE – Application Servers listed – BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss/Tom cat, Oracle Application Serv er, Sun Application Server, ATG Application Server
•Has experience of using Spring FW in at least 2 to 3 projects.
•Is able to create POJO based architectures using Spring FW
•Is able to use Spring as a glue between presentation FW and Business to access either POJO based serv ices layer or EJB(2.0 and 3.0) based.
•Articulates lifecy cle m anagem ent callback APIs of Spring.
•Articulates how to debug Spring POJOs should there be a need.
•Articulates at a high level what are dynamic proxies.
•Is able to use out-of-container testing using Spring and JUnit 3.x, 4.x or TestNG
•Demonstrates ability to work with limited oversight as a contributing member of a team working on a J2EEsolution architecture.
•Demonstrates ability to lead without oversight a technical design of a J2EE project using the J2EE1.3 or above technologies
•Demonstrates ability to recommend the design patterns to be used for a particular J2EE application.Is able to discuss pros and cons of using EJB vs POJO based architectures.
•Demonstrates ability to design and develop using at least one presentation tier framework such as Struts,JSF,Spring MVC.
•m.Is able to articulate ORM concepts and optionally design and develop using at least one ORM framework.
•Demonstrates ability to tune the performance of a J2EE application in general and for at least one Application Server in particular.
•Is able to design and implement security features for a J2EE application.
•Has at least two years of experience.
•Works with various libraries if applicable. Customizes frameworks and tools (i.e. custom tags in JSP).
•Plays a lead role for multiple development projects using Swing Applet and trains other colleagues.
•Evaluates and presents pros and cons of various approaches. Effectively contributes to working complex issues or solutions. Demonstrates a deep understanding of the evolution of the technology .
•Accurately creates custom controls in Swing Applet.
•Successfully performs in more than one of the following areas: MVC patterns, caching patterns, threading patterns, validation patterns, Client Memory Management techniques, lazy loading techniques and profiling methods.
•Conducts core activities of planning and tracking such as setting up a plan in the Plan Tool or the chosen project management tool for the project, assigning stories to iterations (if relevant), and managing the plan in term s of issue/dependency tracking and milestones.
•Facilitates risk sessions with clients and internal team
•Leads activities for decomposing requirements into associated stories. or other relevant sub units
•Facilitates scope management with clients as well as oversees estimates using Wide Band Modified Delphi technique or any other chosen estimation technique.
•Manages multiple projects and other situations requiring scope change management processes
•Is able to coach and mentor others in use of GoF, GRASP and other design patterns.
•Drives the creation of deployment diagram s, composite diagram s (packaging diagram s), object diagram s, tim ing diagrams and state diagrams using UML notation.
•Effectively evaluates the various tools available in the marketplace (open source and commercial)that support UML and suggests the right tools to use to accomplish the project objectives in term s of documenting the requirements of the project using UML notations.
•Demonstrates intermediate understanding of m any trading topics and expertise in at least one area.
•Consults clients in at least one asset class and trading function