Sr. CO Consultant

Location : Pune

Experience 5 yrs

Mandatory soft skills:
Ability to prepare, execute and wrap-up workshops/trainings… in an independent, self-reliant and reliable way meeting high quality standards
o convincing, confident appearence: ability to lead the customer according to the overall project objectives
o industry specific expertise in the steel producing area would be helpful
o experience in writing blueprints/specifications/testcases
o The particular resource should be willing to take over responsibility, push topics autonomous without the need to be triggered from the side of the project seniors in an target oriented way’
o The resource has to work with are developers as well as teammembers from the customer’s side
o thorough english language skills
comprehensive technical knowledge in the following areas:
o Cost element accounting
o Cost center accounting
o CO-PA (currently not requested by customer, but there will have to be some CO-PA in the B/S system)
o Product costing (product costing will be done in the local system, resulting prices are maintained in B/S system)
Ready to travel
Excellent communication skills


Interested candidate can send their profile to