• – Keeping the production services running which requires monitoring/ administering/ troubleshooting of production servers like web servers, database servers, proxy and media streaming servers and related services.
  • – Managing and optimize the backup and recovery of databases, applications, and virtual servers in a timely fashion.
  • – Proactive maintenance of network infrastructure and service.
  • – Implement high availability of virtual and physical servers and services.
  • – Early detection of failure and automation of continuity of the services using scripts or tools.
  • – Manage all internal and external SLAs.


  • Strong domain skills with 4 – 6 years of experience preferred.
  • – Quick learner who can take ownership of the tasks and lead the tasks to completion with minimal follow-ups.
  • – An excellent knowledge of Linux administration in a highly virtualized, scalable environment.
  • – Good hands-on ability to write perl, python, ruby and/or shell scripts to automate monitoring and administration tasks.
  • – Past experience in working on virtual server provisioning, preferably using Xen on Linux.
  • – Past experience in configuring and writing checks/ plugins for Nagios.

Good to have:

  • – Experience on any of these tools: puppet, control tier, chef, bcfg2, cfengine.
  • – Past experience of NOC environment.
  • – Past experience with webservers, media streaming servers, mysql databases.
  • – Basic knowledge of the ITIL process framework.
  • – Experience running and managing Java applications.


Interested people can send the profile to