Consulting Management’s mission is to be CLIENT  Group’s ideal management consulting partner implementing winning strategies addressing CLIENT  Group top priorities. Management offer tailored management consulting services to realize long-term objectives represented e.g. CLIENT  Group Future Vision .In addition Management shall spearhead CLIENT  IT development in selected areas and domains.            

The Management consulting practice shall achieve sustainable impact and customer satisfaction by leveraging the unique insider position and CLIENT  knowledge to capture, refine and implement best practices. Fundamental to Management is to attract and develop talented people succeeding together with trust, passion and life balance.


Management Consulting Practices:


v      Change Management

v      Finance

v      Strategy Process


v       Soft Products

v      CRM

v      After Markets


v       Product Development

v      Manufacturing

v      Supply Chain


Management Future Plans:

  • Reach the 2012 goal of taking a 30-40% market share of management consulting within CLIENT  Group.
  • Develop a separate brand and positioning also within domains and with customers not naturally a part of CLIENT  IT scope.
  • Facilitate interaction with additional BU’s such as CLIENT  Logistics Corporation, CLIENT  Business Services, CLIENT  Parts and CLIENT  Group headquarter functions.
  • Ensuring global consistency and quality through global team deliveries, staffing and quality processes.
  • Build long lasting value to CLIENT  Group and CLIENT  IT through consistent knowledge management in a global context.
  • Attract and retain of top talent by building a strong management consulting community and critical mass at selected locations.

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Interested candidates can send the profile to sudeep.v@mafoirandstad.com

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